Monday, 13 July 2015

Restoran Won Won (旺旺燒臘店) @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Won Won restaurant is one of the places I patronized regularly for lunch due to it being within close proximity from my office. My colleagues and I like it for a couple of reasons. 

Apart from the warm hospitality, the homey feel of the place adds to our comfort. Not only that, Joanna Chew, the owner would sometimes prepares additional home-cooked items to spruce up our meals. 

Roast Duck

Won Won's roast duck comes in two versions - normal and herbal. On personal stance, I've always preferred the normal as it's more briny and excellently flavoured compared to herbal that's slightly more bland. 

Crispy skins and tender meat are how I would describe the roast duck. Though it's not the best that I've tried, it still suffices to satiate my cravings most of the time. 

BBQ Pork & Roast Pork

I've always loved my BBQ pork to have alternate layers of fats and lean meat and that's how it's served here in Won Won. No doubt, it won my heart with crispy and sweetly coated edges, melting in the mouth bursting with flavours. 

Roast pork, though not as briny or aromatic as I like it to be, does have crispy skins and meat so tender that I could hardly resist. 

Wanton Noodles

Soft yet bouncy noodles here in Won Won, laced with pork lard that makes every bite so succulent. Not the type tossed in super dark black sauce (how I like it to be - typically Klang) but definitely worthy of a praise. 

We also sampled the dumplings that come in huge sizes with delicately thin and smooth skins wrapping juicy pork filling. 

Penang Style Hor Fun

Something you shouldn't miss here is the Penang Style Hor Fun - fried kuey teow submerged in thick eggy gravy. The bomb here is the roast pork added into the hor fun, emitting flavours that are so palatable I think I could easily gobble up one large plate of it. 

So if you're thinking of grabbing a quick lunch or dinner, head over to Won Won for some home-cooked taste!

25, Jalan SS2/30, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 

Tel: 03-7865 8246


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Alessio @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Kingsley and I hadn't known about Alessio until we were invited by Sidney to sample some of their new menu items. Established in 2012, Alessio offers a comfy retreat for casual dining with a wide array of Western and Asian delicacies. 

Brightly illuminated with a strong yellow hue that's both welcoming and warm, Alessio's design is meant to provide the best of comfort for patrons, partnered with sublime services. 

Paradiso (RM19)

When a beautiful starter is presented, there's no way it wouldn't be a good appetizer. 

Paradiso is an exquisite marriage of fruit cocktail salad and fresh coconut water. Of course, the coconut water is there to offer refreshment and cocktail salad to tickle your buds and prepare you for more dishes to come. 

Lava Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Kebabs (RM15)

A good source of protein to please your tummy with the tender lamb kebab, imparting some really good savoury flavours along with the tangy yet peppery grill sauce. 

Duo Salmon (RM29)

Opt for the Duo salmon if you're up for a fusion choice as we loved the charcoal grilled salmon, excellently done in miso cutter and teriyaki sauce. The salmon would have stolen the entire limelight if not for being slightly overdone but the sauce is good to go with it. 

We loved the crispy golden enoki and the aromatic kampung ikan bilis fried rice but portion is probably too much for a single serving. 

Spicy Chicken Pizza (RM25)

Alessio serves some seriously good live fire sourdough crust pizza. The spicy chicken pizza, for instance, is laden with a lot of spices hence the fiery hot flavour.

The crust, especially, caught my liking as it wasn't very thin but the crispiness deserves an award. 

Pizza Trio - Best of 3 Worlds (RM33)

To sample three distinctive flavours, pizza trio is available in a combination of pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian pizza and wild mushroom. Out of the three, our favourite was surprisingly the wild mushroom. It has a very inviting savoury scent that makes it stand out from its two counterparts. 

Coconut Island King (RM28)

This incredibly delectable dish is my top favourite here. A very large king prawn saute in curry leaves, salted egg, coconut sauce and spiced up with cili padi creates the bomb that will make you crave for more. The gravy, especially, is already making me salivate now that I'm thinking about it. MUST TRY! 

Twin Duck Spaghetti (RM27)

Another favourite of ours is the Twin Duck Spaghetti - very much like an aglio olio but it's tweaked into an ultmate version with crispy bacon, duck confit, sundried tomatoes, olives and even fresh orange! So you'd taste a harmonious flavour of sweet and sour followed by some brine from the duck confit. Something particularly interesting in Alessio so try it! 

Tuscan Lamb Shank (RM49)

To savour really tender slow roasted lamb shank, this is the choice to go. It comes with Tuscan ratatouille served with creamy mash potatoes so you'd smack your lips after each delicious bite. But seriously, the lamb is incredibly tender I'd finish it if I weren't so full. 

Basmati Nasi Lemak Muhibbah (RM28)

This extraordinarily large nasi lemak is a special serving. The normal portion should have a piece of the spiced fried chicken, butter tiger prawn and tenggiri fish curry. Still, the portion's too enormous for a solo diner so sharing is highly recommended! Sambal falls on the side's that less spicy and remember to flood your rice with the fish curry for its aroma and briny flavour. 

Twin Naked Lobster Thermidor (RM168)

House fresh lobster made in 2 ways; cheesy termidor sauce encrusted in molten cheese and naked at its best grilled with French butter. Both methods offer differing flavours so if you like something cheesy, the one doused in cheese should suffice to please you. Or else, the French butter shall steal your liking with its enticing fragrance. 

Drop by Alessio and sample these items which are NEW in their menu. They may not be the best restaurant to visit in Publika but they do serve some unique signature dishes to stand out among the ordinary. 

A2-G2-09, Publika Mall,
Solaris Dutamas 1,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6211 2838
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