Monday, 15 July 2013

Bear Paw (熊手包) @ Kota Kemuning

The penetration of Taiwanese food chain outlets in Malaysia is no longer something astounding. Bear Paw made its third appearance in Kota Kemuning after leaving its "paw prints" in Setapak and Cheras Leisure Mall. 

With its début emergence in Kota Kemuning, it is sure to capture people's interests and no doubt, there was crowd making a beeline for it when I was there for my inaugural attempt. 

Most of the tables were occupied and we had to wait for quite a while before we managed to conquer one. The queue was long and Kingsley got tired of waiting because it took really long to move forward. Those before us were taking their own sweet time ordering, probably because they had to select from the type of bun to the type of sauce they wanted. 

Bear Paw actually offers much more than these selections of burgers but because it was still new, they had only these value set meals to accommodate to the crowd. 

From what you can see, you have to select from the couple of choices from the bun to the patty and then the sauce that you want. Basically you can experiment a diversity of combinations. The drinks also come in a wide variety but nothing too distinct from ordinary drinks. 

Its interior was far from extraordinary but I found this wall having a wallpaper of its signature Bear Paw buns to be very intimidating. When I first stumbled upon it, it sort of sent me a mental message that I really had to try their burgers. 

We made a decision on what to ordered as we did not wish to prolong the wait for those queuing after us. 

This was the counter section where the workers busied themselves preparing the drinks. 

There was no enlightenment on what the paw of bear signifies but I find them rather cute. 

The long awaited Bear Paw burgers! You will have to be alert for your number to appear in a screen nearby the counter, indicating that your orders are ready to be collected. Generally it is all about self-service. 

We ordered two burgers: 
Whole Wheat Bun + Chicken Patty + Tartar Sauce AND 
Brown Sugar Bun + Fish Patty + Thousand Island Sauce

Frankly speaking, I was not at all overwhelmed with the burgers. The tartar sauce in the chicken burger is insufficient, leaving some parts of the patty to be too dry. Both the chicken and fish patties are as ordinary as fried boneless chicken and fried fish fillet. 

I was slightly fascinated by the paw print on the buns but nothing beyond that. 

Kingsley and I shared a drink - kiwi fruit yakult - it is rich in kiwi and seems rather pure for a something fruity yet it does not taste like yakult. 

The bill came up to a sum of RM24.80 and both of us decided to adjourn to another eatery for a second round - apparently the burgers are too small and I could easily gobble two up if I were starving. 

No. 7-G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BF 31/BF,
Kota Kemuning 40460
Shah Alam, Selangor. 

P/s: Bear Paw is making another emergence in Sri Petaling on 25th August 2013!

Tel: Mr.Lim 0162818110/ Mr.Ivan 0122956150

Mon - Sun: 11am - 11pm 
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